Dan Melchior


"Assemblage Blues"
Release Date: 03/15/11
Catalog # SB141

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As Dan Melchior continues to kick the Medway gutbucket to the curb, he is also willfully absorbing all manneríve underground cankerous crud along the way. For those endeared to wallet chains and crisp, cuffed jeans, this has been tantamount to heresy. But for thems whatís embraced the sounds of ďthe new Dan,Ē said aberrations are as welcome to caustic ears as a cold beer is to a setíve parched lips. And while last yearís Visionary Pangs LP (released with Das Menace on the S-S label) was a grower and a half, Assemblage Blues snuffs it as if it were no moreín a sneeze in the wind.  

This here LP seemingly vibes from such leftfield Blighty heavies as Instant Automatons and L. Voag as well as the dark side of Alex Chilton (think Dusted in Memphis) and the 3:00 A.M. shudder of Prominent Disturbance. Within the canon of the Siltbreeze label, Melchiorís magnificent malarkey on Assemblage Blues has secured him a spot somewhere between The Shadow Ring and Jim Shepard. The pone donít sizzle much hotter than there. And the sneeziní is nil. 

Iíd bet this ainít your Dadís Dan Melchior. Not by a mile. But if it is, itís only ícause heís back from the future. Just ask him. Heís glowiní to tell ya.

 Below: YouTube vid for "Riding Like Rommel",
from Assemblage Blues

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