The Mantles

Release Date: 09/14/09
Catalog # SB104

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With two acclaimed seven-inches under their belt, The Mantles answer the call for more with a stunning debut LP sure to please all who cross its path. The Mantles have been dead-on in distilling a contemporary pop / psych concoction that mixes equal parts early Chills with early Dream Syndicate--and really, who among us wouldn't want a bottle of that with which to quietly tipple the day away?

Recorded by Greg Ashley, the LP taps said hybrid, and if anything, burrows deeper into the core of rock, extracting essential magma that fuses early SF Ballroom psychedelia, Byrds-ian jangle-pop, and the Velvet Underground's extraordinary ability for serpentine leads and bridges. And yep, that pretty much covers all the bases. Look for the band to embark on their first US tour in September, supporting Ty Segall coast to coast.

"... a vibe somewhere between the crisp gauze of Midwest groups associated with the early-'80s garage revival (Vertebrats, Plasticland, etc.) and the mysto-stroke of late-'80s New Zealand." --Byron Coley, The Wire

"... really stokes the node in its uncanny similarity to old-school Paisley Underground--you know, before it had been so sadly tagged. The strains, strums, and streams that permeate so lost and wonderfully ... remind my tired soul of early Leaving Trains, The Last, as well as the roster that made up Steve Wynn's Down There label."


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