Teenage Panzerkorps (Der TPK)

"Games for Slaves"
Release Date: 12/01/08
Catalog # SB108

MP3 Sample Track: "Nervous Sacrament"
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Available Formats:
Vinyl LP

Sorry, Sold Out -
Both Games for Slaves and the earlier
Harmful Emotions
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Der TPK liken the sound of their second aural onslaught to "[The battle of] Kursk, second day." Who among us cannot relate to the largest tank battle in history? While the comparison may not be an easy nut to crack, the reference, specifically to the second day, is telling: the wonton destruction that unfolded on that field of battle in an attempt to break the Soviet bulge cannot be overstated. For the Germans, it was unmitigated tragedy. So by comparing Games for Slaves to this particular point in the offensive, Der TPK makes clear that album number two is more brooding and melancholy than Harmful Emotions.

Bunker Wolf's menacing lupine-schrei is as formidable as ever, but the band has moved from the blitzkreig, almost hardcore-like pace of their Siltbreeze debut to a more Mancunian post-punk sound (angular guitars, rhythmic dirges), crossed with the luftschutszbunker psychedelia of German Oak (especially on the organ-laden tracks). Edmund Xavier's spidery guitar fills recall similar stylings of a young Bernard Sumner, while the bass/drum propulsion of Boy True and Catholic Pat call to mind the underrated talents of Slight Seconds' Mike Shaw and Peter Hibbert. Getting back to Bunker Wolf, there is no one like him. Maybe if Peter Hind (Mittagspause-era) could still squeak while goose-stepping across the squat in a pair of leather trousers, then we might have some trouble. But that ain't likely. No one does it in 2008 like Teenage Panzerkorps. Games for Slaves is more beauteous gas on an already raging and spectacular fire.

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